The Chicken Coop Lays the Golden Egg

Two of the most beautiful words in a motorcyclist’s vocabulary are “barn find.” It’s something most of us bikers daydream about. You know, an old Knucklehead or old single-cylinder HD just waiting patiently for us to rescue it from the corner of a some old farmer’s shed and refurbish it for a triumphant return to the open road.

That being said, I’m thinking Williamstown, New Jersey, might just be home to the mother of all barn finds. Four decades ago, Nick — of Nick’s Custom Cycles — opened up a small bike shop in what was originally intended to be a chicken coop. Nick slapped some additions onto the old … Continue Reading

AMD World Championship Just Weeks Away in Sturgis

There’s going to be this little biker event taking place in the hills of South Dakota next month. There will be a lot of motorcycle riders gathered there in a small town named Sturgis that boasts 6,442 residents when everybody’s tucked in for the night. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Are you serious? Everybody’s heard of Sturgis. And this year marks the 71st anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally & Races, with two-wheeled fun running from July 30 to Aug. 14.

But what you might not know is that the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building takes place at this motorcycle Mecca (Aug. 6-10), and J&P Cycles is … Continue Reading

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We’re All Over Sturgis Next Month – Literally!

You’re going to be seeing the J&P Cycles logo all over town next month as motorcyclists converge on Sturgis to celebrate the 71st annual Sturgis Rally & Races. This tiny South Dakota town is transformed almost overnight into “Motorcycle City USA,” and we’ll be there in full force for the entire event.

J&P will be well represented in town for the first half of August with not one, but two fully stocked stores — and that doesn’t even count our big rig at the corner of 8th Street and Lazelle in downtown Sturgis.

The main Harley parts and accessories store, located at 1650 Lazelle Street in the downtown … Continue Reading

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Meet The Team: Jason Hayes, J&P Cycles Product Specialist

Jason Hayes loves the thrill of the ride. Doesn’t matter whether it’s tearing down a black diamond on his snowboard in the Adirondack Mountains, taking a dog-sled team up a steep pass in the Rockies, or flying over twisty roads on his GSRX 1000.

There’s just not a whole lot of extreme sports that Jason won’t attempt at least once. In fact, it was his love for the outdoors that sparked his passion for motorcycles.

Jason received a motorcycle technician’s degree with a specialty in Asian bikes from Wyotech in 2008. And along with the diploma came some pretty impressive technical honors.

He’s always been a rider in the … Continue Reading

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The Café Racer is Making a Comeback in America

The café racer got its start in Europe in the early 1960s, making its way across the pond later in that decade, and eventually catching on with a few factories in the U.S. Even Harley-Davidson gave it a shot in 1977 with the XLCR. But the AMF-built bike was pretty much ignored in showrooms and quickly vanished from the H-D lineup. Unlike the Beatles and Stones, the café racer trend in America was short-lived.

Then a new craze smacked America upside the head in the late ’80s and early ’90s with bikers morphing their motorcycles into grossly overpriced machines where functionality took a back seat to the largest back tire … Continue Reading

Cash For Quotes Benefits the National Motorcycle Museum

Do you have an interest in vintage motorcycles? If so,  you can also support a motorcycle museum’s mission to preserve the history of motorcycling simply by requesting a quote on your motorcycle insurance . The Allstate Corporation — known for its “You’re In Good Hands With Allstate®” slogan — now supports the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, through Cash for Quotes, a no obligation program that rewards participating non-profit organizations whose supporters ask for an insurance quote from Allstate.

Cash for Quotes is very simple. For every new motorcycle insurance quote requested by a National Motorcycle Museum supporter, Allstate will donate $5 to the Museum. Cash for Quotes … Continue Reading

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J&P Sponsors Several Sizzling Summer Events

The summer months at J&P Cycles are chock full of events, events and more events! It’s almost like we’re trying to cram 12 months worth of activity into three months, and that’s because we live in Eastern Iowa. We take advantage of the great weather when we can get it.

Coming up on the immediate horizon, we’ve got two events on the books – starting off with Cruise Night on July 12. We host Cruise Night a couple of times each summer where the emphasis is celebrating fast cars, fancy motorcycles and fellowship. This year, the Cruise Night series will be held at the National Motorcycle Museum, which is just … Continue Reading

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July 2011 Readers’ Rides Winner

Editor’s Note: Our ride of the month for July belongs to a guy who never even owned a “real” motorcycle before this winning entry. Talk about starting from scratch! If he can win the big J&P prize, you should be able to do the same. Just send us a photo or three, along with some details about your ride, and we’ll take it under serious consideration. We’re also looking for readers who have some great video of their bikes. Just post your video to YouTube, then email the link to us at blogmemberservices [at] jpcycles [dot] com. We’ll do the rest.

This Bagger’s Just a Smidge Over the TopContinue Reading

J&M ‘Rokks’ the House

Let’s face facts. Stock sucks. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about stock pipes, stock air cleaner, stock windshield or stock seat. Hell, the motorcycle industry is based on the very idea that “stock sucks.” If stock didn’t suck there’d be no need for  an Arlen Ness or a Jesse James. If stock didn’t suck, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. You’d be out on your  stock bike put-putting down the street.

So now that we’ve established the lameness of stock, why are you rocking a stock stereo in your bagger? I’m pretty sure you ditched the stock mufflers the minute you rolled into your garage, trading … Continue Reading

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Our 32nd Annual Open House Was a Smashing Hit – No Surprise There

No need to call Ripley’s Believe It or Not, because it was a given that J&P Cycles’ 32nd anniversary celebration and Open House would be an enormous success, drawing more than 25,000 visitors and loyal customers to the small town of Anamosa, Iowa, this past weekend. This two-day event was the largest party we’ve thrown to date, and we couldn’t be any more appreciative to our thousands of friends, fans and customers!

We had folks tell us they drove in from Canada, California, Florida, Washington State — and everywhere else — just to join in the two-wheel wonderfulness that is our open house. It was due to these multitudes … Continue Reading