Wearing Red to Support Our Troops

Every day, servicemen and women around the world wake up in faraway places.  And in the years since 9/11, many of them serve in dangerous places (most notably Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently, Libya). When J&P Cycles heard about the movement to wear red on Fridays as a show of support, we were all over it.  Last Friday, our two locations took photos of employees wearing red. We had more than 120 J&P Cycles’ employees take part.

If you’re not familiar with the Red Shirt Friday movement, here’s their mission:

The mission of redshirtfridays.org is to show support for our servicemen and women. We are not a political organization. We

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Let us Help You Out with Your Blazin’ Saddle

In today’s installment of Two for Tuesday we’re going to cover a sensitive subject.  There’s no tip-toeing around the topic, so let’s just call it what it is. It’s that burning in your buttocks that’s been colorfully described as many things, including swamp ass, monkey butt and biker butt.

No amount of high-dollar motorcycle seats or cushions or pads can prevent this malady, and it’s not just a long day of riding that can put that uncomfortable swagger in your walk. It could arrive after a long day of walking around your favorite biker event in the hot sun wearing your riding gear. However you get it, it’s going to … Continue Reading

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This Month’s Readers’ Rides Winner

Editor’s Note: What you’re about to read is the third installment of our online series, Readers Ride of the Month, which highlights what our judges term the most original-looking bike in the bunch for the April 2011. The judges (whom are J&P staffers, select the best bike from photographs submitted by you, the owners.. If you’re of the opinion that your ride is righteous, send us some pix — preferably in focus and at least 300 dpi. And by the way, for those of you who think it’d be nice to see a metric bike featured here once in awhile, we’d love to. But we’re not receiving anywhere near Continue Reading

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