Andy Bell Talks to J&P About Nitro Circus

Andy Bell, the former freestyle motocross rider and star of the popular Nitro Circus television show on MTV, sat down to talk with our own Patrick Garvin and Lowell Anderson recently, telling us what’s coming down the pike for this crew of daredevil delinquents and to tell us about the group’s 3D film that’s coming out soon.

We’re going to assume in this instance that 3D stands for three-dimensional — not Death-Defying Destruction.

Bell is an accomplished motorcycle rider who has spent many years in the motorcycle community as a freestyle rider, businessman, and entertainer best known-for his unbelievable Big Wheel back flips. Lowell has been friends with Andy for … Continue Reading

Hang With Us, Folks — We Hit a Speed Bump but We’re Cruising Now

There have been some legitimate grumblings in the motorcycle industry the past few months concerning J&P customers who haven’t received their orders in a timely manner. And to say nobody’s more frustrated about the situation than us just doesn’t cut it. Tell that to the guy who needed a fuel controller or a caliper seal kit before heading off to this weekend’s Laughlin River Run.

Truth be told, we undertook a significant overhaul of our order delivery technology earlier this year, with four out of five of our major systems being switched out at the same time. We had a few issues with the cutover to the new systems and … Continue Reading

J&P Cycles Hosts the Gold Wing Workshop

Workshops — you just gotta love ’em. And here at J&P Cycles, knowledge is power and power is fun, and we love providing our customers with the most up-to-date information about their favorite pastime.

This time around, we’ve organized a workshop specifically targeting our Gold Wing customers. It will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 7, at our headquarters, located at 13225 Circle Drive in Anamosa, Iowa. This workshop will cover general maintenance tips, including a demonstration on how to access and service your Gold Wing’s air filter, change the oil filter and oil and a demo on rear-tire removal.

We’ll outline an informational pre-ride … Continue Reading

Running the Brammo Enertia Through Its Paces

So there we were, on duty at Daytona Bike Week, selling every J&P Cycles part imaginable for your motorcycle, when the folks from Brammo Motorcycles approached us, asking if we’d mind taking their new electric motorcycle out for a test spin.

You don’t have to ask J&P’s Patrick Garvin that question twice. Grabbing up a camera and microphone, Patrick and the film crew walked out to the speedway and climbed aboard a unique looking electric bike. Weaving between palm trees like they were traffic cones, Patrick returned from a spin around the speedway for a quick on-air review of the ride.

Coming from a gas-powered bike, he said, the Brammo … Continue Reading

Polaris Industries Acquires Indian Motorcycles

Polaris Industries faxed its dealer network late Tuesday afternoon to announce it had acquired Indian Motorcycle Ltd., a move I see as placing a big target on Harley-Davidson’s back and raising the specter that Harley might be facing some decent domestic competition in the near future. Indian is a company that is advised by Stellican Ltd. and Novator Partners LLP, two United Kingdom private equity firms.

Adding some support to my prognosis, Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE:PII) stock was up 26 percent this morning after news of the Indian Motorcycle Ltd. (IML) acquisition. That’s a gain of 48 percent year-to-date. And further bolstering the news was the release today of … Continue Reading

Now You Can Map the Progress of Your J&P Purchase Online!

We’ve all been there. You order something and you’re anxiously awaiting its arrival on your doorstep. After two days, you begin to worry. Did I sign the check? Did I transpose the numbers on my credit card? Did I send my order to the wrong fax number?

At J&P Cycles, we’ve taken the trauma out of waiting with our new online order status option. That’s right. You can now follow the progress of your new J&P toy as it makes its way from us to you. Whether you order by phone, the web, fax or mail, simply come online any time you like — 24 hours a day, seven days … Continue Reading

D30 Riding Armor on This Jacket Protects the Rider

When you talk about motorcycle technology, most of us think of electronics of some sort, fuel-injection controllers or a navigation system — or maybe even the latest high-powered exhaust. As a rule, motorcycle jackets don’t usually fall under the category of innovative, high-tech gear. Until now.

We first told you about d3o technology in February of 2010 (see “What We Saw at Indianapolis Dealer Expo). Today, we’re pleased to share that J&P Cycles now sells the new Firstgear Rainier jacket that employs d3o T3 intelligent shock absorption armor in the shoulders and elbows, providing incredible protection for riders who fall off their bikes. How much … Continue Reading

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Travel Light with Ogio

There’s one constant that remains true in motorcycling and it’s this: All of us have different tastes and opinions about what we ride. Just read the biker forums and comments on Facebook and you’ll see constant buzz about what somebody rides or what they should do to their ride.

I’m certainly among those with an opinion or two. Just take a look at my bikes and you’ll see a theme. These motorcycles are all purpose-built to be quick and agile, with no added radios, cup holders or luggage — pretty much just keys and a seat. The problem with this, of course, is that when I’m out all day or … Continue Reading

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Cruise Nights, Swap Meets and an Open House Highlight J&P Cycles’ Summer

Motorcycle parts and accessories, great customer service and technical support and one-of-a-kind summer events. Add ’em all up and you’ve got an accurate description of J&P Cycles, the go-to bike parts store, capable of handling all of your needs, including summer savings and fun!

In addition to our annual Open House event on June 25 and 26 this summer, we’re again hosting the Cruise Night series one Tuesday evening a month, beginning in May and running through September. Cruise Night caters to motorcycle and car enthusiasts, and is open to the public. In its eighth season, J&P Cycles Cruise Nights take place on May 17, June 14, July 12, … Continue Reading

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Mark Your Calendars for J&P Cycles 32nd Annual Open House

As long as you’ve got your calendar off the kitchen wall, you might as well mark down June 25 and 26, because those are the dates for the 32nd annual J&P Cycles Open House. This two-day weekend event is an annual tradition for thousands of our friends and customers, and it remains popular after more than three decades because of all the activities we put on.

Take, for example, the Daytona Harley-Davidson Drill Team, the ILLConduct Motorcycle Stunt Show and Extreme Gravity Defying Entertainment. In between the action shows, we’ll have more than 80 of the top motorcycle manufacturers showcasing their latest wares on our expansive grounds. And there … Continue Reading