Getting Back on the Road with National Cycle


February 23, 2011 | By: Patrick Garvin

While most of us are itching to get back out on our bikes, it’s still a bit frigid in most parts of the country to ride at highway speeds. A good way, however, to score some early seat time without turning into a popsicle is to add a windshield to your ride. And if the idea of a windshield isn’t very appealing to you, either because of the esthetics or something else, then the folks at National Cycle may have what you need.

Earlier this month — at V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio — National Cycle debuted two perfect ways to add wind perfection to your ride while maintaining a clean look on your motorcycle.

The Stinger and the Gladiator (shown in the images you see here) are adjustable and made from a hard coated polycarbonate. And just as impressive is the fact that both come with a three-year unbreakable warranty. Check out this video we shot while in Cincinnati and listen to what National Cycle’s Barry and Paul have to say about their latest products.

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Comments (2)

If you want to impress me, show me how it performs in a wind tunnel.

Looks like Paul G has gained some weight.