Building a Cheap Metric Bobber for Fun and — Eventually — for Profit

A few years ago I was doing design work on some clothing with the guys at Icon. They have a facility in Portland, Ore., where they work on clothing designs. When they start to feel a little burned out, they head out to the attached garage and work on their bikes. This, of course, gets their “creative juices” flowing again and they march back inside, ready to, well, create. I’ve got several good memories from that trip, but one of the things that stuck in my head was the 1976 XS650 bobber that one of those guys built.

He had taken a bike that he’d only paid a few … Continue Reading

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It’s Never Too Early (Or Too Cold) to Order T-shirts

For those of us living in cooler climes, a quick peek outside is evidence enough that it’s nowhere near T-shirt weather yet. Yeah, the Christmas gear is going back in the garage and you’re probably thinking of taking the tree out to the curb, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start counting down the days until spring.

To prepare for those warmer days, we’ve partnered with the National Motorcycle Museum to add some cool, new motorcycle apparel for the New Year. We’ve got skull T-shirts featuring the J&P logo and motorcycle racer motif. These are also available in long sleeve and sweatshirts. We’ve got headlight logo T-shirts and J&P’s Life Continue Reading

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J&P Employees Celebrate Service Anniversaries

Service awards were presented at a pair of J&P events last month, honoring our employees for their contributions to J&P Cycles’ success over the years.

In Iowa, where we’re headquartered, our own Doug Feldman, J&P database analyst, hosted the event. Doug presented Curt Foust and Kandy Pflughaupt with awards for 15 years of service.

Ten-year service awards for Iowa employees went to Scott Holton, Jen Keedy, Darry Scheper, Sandra Meyer, Kelvin Fisher, Edith Lubben, Becky Mull, Mike Talboom, Terri Dugan, Teresa Bartels and Shawn Stone.

An additional 15 more Iowa employees were recognized for five years of service, including Jessie Bries, Chris Burnett, Cindy Coyle, Jessica Dirks, Sharri Fillinger, Louis … Continue Reading

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Reward Yourself for Successful New Year’s Resolutions!

Lose 10 pounds. Quit smoking. Find a better job. Spend more time with the family. These are some of the more familiar New Year’s resolutions that people make a commitment to undertake each year. And as we turn the page on another year and look ahead to 2011, we here at J&P Cycles want to share some of our own resolutions with you.

As we all know, New Year’s resolutions sound good on paper but are often difficult to accomplish. In fact, some of them are history by January 2nd. To help you buck that trend, what we offer below are some quick tips that might just help … Continue Reading

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