Meet The Team: Lowell Anderson, J&P Cycles’ Product Specialist

Lowell Anderson has a passion for motorcycles that began with a habit of “borrowing” his friend’s Dad’s XV1100 Virago on occasion when his friend’s Dad wasn’t home and taking it for long rides without the benefit of a driver’s license.

Then after a bad breakup with a girl who shall remain nameless, he hocked the engagement ring and bought a Suzuki GSXR750. While scooting around town, acquiring an impressive number of speeding and reckless op tickets, a friend talked Lowell into take a road-racing training course so he could participate in a local circuit. He took his friend’s advice and loved racing.

Later in life Lowell applied for a job … Continue Reading

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When It Comes to Your Bikes Engine, It’s All About the Air

Here’s a basic fact about the internal combustion engine: Every single one of them is just a variation of an air pump. As the piston goes down with the valve open, air — mixed with fuel — rushes into the cylinder. As the piston goes up, it’s compressed, spark occurs, power is made, and the spent gases are sent merrily down the pipe. To make more power, we need to get more air in and out of the motor.

“More air means more power” is the mantra for this blog post and the easiest place to show this is with the motorcycle air cleaner assembly. Mother Harley is handcuffed by … Continue Reading

Stereotyping the Rider Isn’t Going to Get the Job Done

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, and by the same token, you certainly can’t judge a biker by his ride. And since our primary goal here at J&P Cycles is to help ALL our customers, that ability to define what people want and need is a real challenge. It requires a unique skill set.

Fortunately, we’re staffed with experts in everything motorcycle and, considering the mix of customers that rely on us for service and advice, we do a damned good job. And part of the reason for that is we try to avoid stereotyping our customers based on the bikes they ride — not an … Continue Reading

Those American Picker Guys Can Sure Draw a Crowd!

If you watch the History Channel on TV at all, you’ve probably seen promos for American Pickers with Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. If you’ve actually seen the show, you’ve followed these two “pickers” as they scour the back roads of America, looking for long-forgotten treasures in barns, garages and sheds.

It’s become a very popular program, and proof of that came last Saturday when the pair showed up at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa. There to greet them were more than 2,500 fans, lining up all day for the opportunity to shake hands with Wolfe and Fritz and have them autograph a photo.

It turns out that … Continue Reading

Double Your Comfort with Fat Baggers – Accept No Substitutes!

Fat Baggers Inc. — more affectionately known as FBI — is one of those outfits you know all about and assume that everybody else does, or you’ve never heard of them. Of course, we here at J&P are well versed when it comes to Gary Chipp and the boys, and not just because they’re our neighbors.

Fat Baggers Inc. is located just a quick trip west of our Anamosa headquarters here in the middle of Iowa. And we like them for more than just the fact that they’re fellow Iowans, although that certainly carries a lot of weight with us. What we really admire about these guys is their ability … Continue Reading

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Jarrad’s Law Takes Effect In California

California has taken heat from motorcyclists in the past for some of its not so friendly motorcycle laws. The state legislature approved another bike law earlier this month, but the normally disgruntled bikers in California are looking at this one a little differently.

Jarrad’s Law, which went into effect Jan. 2, 2011, came about as the result of Jarrad Cole’s tragic death back in August of 2007. Jarrad’s father was teaching the 18-year-old how to ride, and had dashed back to the garage to grab some orange cones when he heard the motorcycle rev up sharply, followed by a loud bang.

Jarrad had crashed into a retaining wall and severed … Continue Reading

RSD Shares Its Full Metal Jacket With You

Let’s face it, the days of one-off custom bike builds from the ground up are all but over. Blame it on the economy or call it a fad, but unless you do it for a living, building a bike from the frame up really isn’t all that feasible any more. Just look at the number of professional bike builders in business now compared to five years ago. Shrink City.

One of the best builders is not only still around, but he’s turning out eye-popping customs like clockwork. Roland Sands has built his share of mind-blowing bikes and what sets him apart from the others is a habit of building bikes … Continue Reading

2010 National Motorcycle Museum Raffle Winner Announced

Each year for the last nine years, the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, designs and builds a vintage-looking motorcycle and invites enthusiasts from around the world to help support the museum by buying a raffle ticket or two. This time around, Matt Brizendine of Indianapolis, Ind., was the lucky winner. His ticket was pulled from thousands submitted and he wins a 2010 Knucklehead Bobber!

Museum officials called Matt to let him know he won the blue Knucklehead, and he was pretty excited about the news. He said he’s been buying museum raffle tickets for three or four years now.

“I like to support organizations that use the proceeds wisely … Continue Reading

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Medallion Does it Again With Six New Instrument Styles

Early last spring we introduced you to a company that was making a splash in motorcycle instrumentation. Medallion Instrumentation hit the scene with bagger gauges that offered style, function and prices unmatched in the motorcycle industry. Our bagger owners who came across these jewels were clamoring to get a set into their fairing. Problem was, they were only available for bikes built from 2004 and up. On top of that, Softail, Dyna and Roadking owners were left out in the cold and wanted in on the action. The guys and gals over at Medallion heard the commotion and responded.

These bad to the bone gauge sets are now available to … Continue Reading

American Pickers Set to Visit the National Motorcycle Museum

Join the stars of the History Channel sensation “American Pickers,” Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, live at the National Motorcycle Museum, Anamosa, Iowa, Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011. Frank and Mike will share stories with museum visitors about their searches, the people they’ve met and their most valuable finds.

“American Pickers” is a documentary reality show from the History Channel that follows this pair of “antique archeologists” as they travel the back roads of America looking for gems in piles of discarded or long forgotten items. And since their specialty is old motorcycles and bikes, Mike and Frank are probably chomping at the bit to get a look at the more … Continue Reading