5 Things Every Motorcyclist Should Do in 2011

In my continuing efforts to better myself as a motorcyclist, I’ve come up with five things to do this year that will not only help development as a motorcyclist but help promote motorcycling in general.  So I thought I’d share with the class and maybe get a few of you to take part as well.  I wouldn’t call these New Year’s resolutions, exactly.

  1. Install something on your bike: I’m not talking about taking your bike to the mechanic down the road, I’m talking about doing it yourself. Doesn’t have to be a big job, either. Maybe put some new grips or install a new piece of chrome. The point is
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J&P Cycles Expanding Its Tech Support Hours in 2011

You asked for it and we listened! First, you wanted live chat and we responded by chatting up tens of thousands of customers in 2010, offering suggestions by the bucketful. Now you’ve asked for Sunday tech support and guess what? You got it!

Due to overwhelming demand, we’re expanding our technical support by phone or through Live Chat from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST beginning Sunday, Jan. 2, 2011. This marks the first time in company history that we’ve staffed live tech support on Sundays.

J&P Cycles is the go-to source for world class customer service and knowledgeable tech support over the phone, through live chat or by e-mail … Continue Reading

Unleash the Beast in Your Twin Cam

I get a fair amount of questions from J&P customers regarding component combinations when it comes to Twin Cam engine components. Most of the questions revolve around the best combination for the everyday rider when it comes to cams, pushrods, lifters and such. And, to tell the truth, there’s really no one answer that is undeniably the right one.

There are a number of combinations that will do the job, but one in particular comes immediately to mind. Feuling Motor Co. has a complete Camchest kit that includes the famous Feuling oil pump and cam plate, cams, lifters, pushrods, bearings, gaskets, O-rings, and even ARP hardware.

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J&P Cycles Greets the New Year and the New Catalog

The way we look at it, there’s nothing like starting off the New Year with a brand new J&P Cycles catalog. Refurbished, renovated and refined and featuring 1,048 pages, our 2011 catalog is the best one ever! Filled with the latest brand name items from S&S, Custom Chrome, Vance and Hines, Drag Specialties, Bikers Choice and V-Twin Manufacturing, our catalog is your one-stop place to shop.

With more than 4,000 new parts numbers, the 2011 catalog offers a whopping 39,600 individual unique numbers, ensuring you that we’ll probably be able to handle all your Harley parts needs. Over the last couple years, J&P has been using product … Continue Reading

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Does The Style of Your Ride Reveal Where You Are From?

We do our fair share of traveling here at J&P. In part, it’s to spread bad-to-the-bone motorcycle parts across the globe, but we also have the opportunity to meet great people and see a ton of unbelievable bikes. What I’ve noticed recently in my personal travels for J&P Cycles is that styles of motorcycles tend to be regional in nature. And while there is no hard and fast rule about this, I’ve discovered that the bikes you see can often determine the region of the country you’re in.

Take the West Coast, for example. Out there, you have Dynas and FXR’s with tall T-bars tucked behind café fairings, sporting two-into-one … Continue Reading

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A Holiday Blessing From Us To You

Holiday greetings from the entire J&P Cycles family! As we say goodbye to 2010, it’s amazing to think that another year has passed. For myself, my wife Jill and our son Zach, 2010 has been a tremendous twelve months for us personally.

In March, after recovering from emergency colon surgery, I developed pneumonia. Combined with an already compromised lung through pulmonary fibrosis, I became gravely ill. I spent 33 days in the intensive care unit and then another 19 days in the hospital before I was finally released. During this time, the doctors determined that my only chance for survival was to undergo a lung transplant.

On June 25 — … Continue Reading

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Electric Motorcycles, the Beginning of a New Era!

Electric motorcycles aren’t just a futuristic idea that might someday take off. A voltage revolution is upon us right now and it promises to be exciting.

There are lots of companies out there that are taking on the challenge of making electric bikes practical for everyday use. And while you’d think some of the bigger manufacturers would be leading the charge for electric power, it’s really the smaller companies that are actually bringing these bikes to the market.

In doing a little bit of research I have found two companies that stand apart from the rest with what they have to offer a consumer. Zero Motorcycles out of Santa Cruz, … Continue Reading

J&P Revisits ‘A Christmas Visit’

There aren’t a whole lot of biker Christmas stories out there, so I was pleasantly surprised to read the following holiday fiction that first appeared 22 years ago in the Motorcyclist’s Post. We’re reprinting it here with permission from the publisher.

The story, called “A Christmas Visit,” was well received by the biking public when it appeared in the November issue of the Post back in 1988. It has since been reprinted in many publications around the world including in several foreign languages. J&P Cycles would like to share this wonderful story with our friends.

It’s got  a white-bearded dude named Nick, riding a Harley Dresser that appears black … Continue Reading

Rolling on Through the Wintertime Blues

So there I sat, staring at my bike in the garage and allowing myself to slip into a bit of wintertime depression. The fact that the outside temps were in the single digits and there were five inches of snow on the ground didn’t help a bit. Add to that the fact that I haven’t taken my bike out for a spin in weeks, and what you have is a major pity party.

Adding to my misery is the fact that winter hasn’t even officially begun yet and Daytona Bike Week is still two and a half months away! Just before I started banging my head on my gas tank, … Continue Reading

The Great Oil Debate – Synthetic or Conventional

There’s been an ongoing debate for decades over what oil is best for your machine and my thinking tells me there’s no standard answer to that question. That’s because there are too many variables — the climate you live in, the amount of time you spend on the road, the type of bike you ride. A lot of folks will tell you that synthetic is the way to go, but that’s not always the case.

Where you live is an important consideration in your choice of oil because of climate considerations and oil flow rates. And synthetic oils definitely hold an advantage in the cold-weather department. High-viscosity conventional oils simply … Continue Reading