Just Owning A Bike Doesn’t Make You A Biker

As far as I’m concerned, the greatest thing you can do during your time on this planet is ride a motorcycle. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you’re on the road. And it matters not a bit what I’m riding or where I’m going. If it has two wheels, I’m a happy man.

I’ve been riding motorcycles for many, many years now, and it’s still one of my favorite things to do with my time. I currently own five bikes — each designed for a different type of riding. My wife doesn’t get it, but I’ve got the bug — real bad and I enjoy riding off-road as … Continue Reading

Wicked Image Creates Sturdy iPhone Cases in Biker Billet

One of the really great things about J&P Cycles is the fact that we have a long, long list of incredible vendors and great products. And every once in awhile, one of our manufacturers will take a step or two outside its comfort zone and develop a product with which they are not normally associated.

Such is the case with Wicked Image, which manufactures a full line of Harley aftermarket products and accessories. What we usually get from Arin and the boys is a collection of bad ass billet pieces in the form of mirrors, forward controls, shift linkages, brake and shifter arms and floorboards. … Continue Reading

Harley-Davidson Forks – What’s Inside That Thing?

Editor’s Note: This post was written David Zemla who works at Progressive Suspension. This is our fifth guest blog post from David and we want to thank him for sharing some of his expertise with us. His earlier posts can be found here.

Motorcycle suspension tends to be something of a mystery, with forks being at the top of the “what the heck’s in there?” list.

Sure, there’s a spring and some oil, but did you know there are two springs in each fork? Is the oil just a lube or does it have a bigger job? And what exactly happens when I lower my forks? All good questions.… Continue Reading

J&P Honors All Veterans Thursday Thru Sunday with Free Motorcycle Museum Admission

Freedom – it’s something we all enjoy, and at times, take for granted. Here in the good old USA, we celebrate that freedom — and the men and women who make it possible — every year on Veterans Day. The holiday was originally designated as a time to recognize the end of World War I — “the war to end all wars.” WWI officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, but the fighting officially ended seven months earlier when an armistice took effect on Nov. 11. And that’s the date we officially designate as Veterans Day.

Of course, there were plenty of conflicts — … Continue Reading

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Creating and Stocking Your Own Garage Mahal

Today, we’re going to chat about things that make life easier in our garage or motorcycle workshop.

Being an old fat guy, I don’t make my way around bikes all that well when they’re sitting on the ground. But even if you’re young and slender, if you’ve got enough room and enough coin, a motorcycle lift is one of the best “must haves” in your workspace. My back and knees don’t permit me to crawl around on the ground like a toddler. As an added benefit, a good lift makes it easier to inspect the nether regions of your bike.  Western Handy Lift has been the industry standard for many, … Continue Reading

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Get Up Off The Ground With a Little Help From K&L

Now that the cold weather has started to take hold of the Midwest I find myself trying to squeeze in riding time as long as the sun is still peeking out between the clouds. But deep down I know this is just a desperate attempt to hang on to early fall and the reality of winter in Iowa is setting in. Which is, in reality, a good thing because I need to give my poor bike a bit of a mechanical makeover.

The relentless wheelies ripping around corners, stoppies and interstate blasts have taken a toll this riding season. So I ponder how I can spin some routine maintenance into … Continue Reading

This J&P Employee Says Her Passion for Riding is Just as Strong as the Guys’

By: Jessica Dirks

I love to get out on the open road just as much as any other biker, and it matters not a bit that I’m a woman. I love to take the scenic route to work on my 2008 SV650. And at the end of a long work day, nothing suits me better than to turn a hectic 15-minute commute into a leisurely 40-minute scenic ride home.

I’d much rather get off the beaten path and take the winding roads to nowhere than to be stuck on the Interstate. Now granted, I wasn’t always this interested in motorcycles. When I started working at J&P Cycles, I told them … Continue Reading

J&P Cycles a Finalist in Customer Service Contest

Last month, RightNow Technologies challenged J&P Cycles to create a video showing how we celebrate Customer Service Week, and to enter that video in a contest that recognizes companies customer service-related efforts. For our part, J&P was asked to compete in the contest because our employees use the RightNow software package to manage online chat sessions, communicate with customers via email, and improve the overall customer experience every day.

The rules to the contest were short and sweet. RightNow’s rules limited the length of the video to three minutes and the message had to embrace Customer Service Week. Oh, yeah — and at some point in the video we … Continue Reading

Which is Best? Riding in the Pack or Riding Solo? Part II

Editor’s Note: Yesterday we heard from veteran rider Patrick Garvin about the advantages of leaving the pack behind and traveling solo. Today, we’ll get a second opinion —this one from Jake Herring — on the benefits of riding with friends. And as we’ve said in the past, J&P has no stake in this argument. It’s presented purely for entertainment value and to maybe stir up some dust. When you’ve finished reading Jake’s post — and if you’re so inclined — leave a comment on your take on this issue.

Which is Best? When It Comes to Riding, the More the Merrier

By Jake Herring

First off, I want to make … Continue Reading

Which is Best? Riding in the Pack or Riding Solo? Part I

Editor’s Note: When it comes to jumping on your bike and taking off on a road trip, you’ve basically got two choices. You can go it alone and enjoy the serenity of man (or woman), machine and the great outdoors. Or you can participate in the camaraderie of a group ride. That’s a personal decision, of course, but what we present here are two differing opinions on the subject. Today we hear from Patrick Garvin, who apparently isn’t into group hugs — or rides. Tomorrow we’ll hear from Jake Herring on the wonderfulness of riding with others.

I Ride Alone — With Nobody But Myself

Patrick Garvin

It appears that … Continue Reading