Stop!!! Breaking News on Brakes

We all love making our motorcycles go faster. Today, our topic is just the opposite——-Brakes. When we hit the brakes on our bikes, the force we apply to each master cylindergets transferred to each caliper via hydraulics. This applies friction to our brake rotors that the tires transmit to the ground, thus slowing us down. The point that we get the absolute maximum braking action is just before the wheel locks up. This seems kind of basic, but once that tire breaks traction our slowing action gets thrown out the window.

Let’s look at what actually stops us. As I mentioned above, the horse doing the heavy … Continue Reading

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Going From Dirt to Cruiser

When I was asked to write a blog post about my impressions of going from the dirt bike world to that shared by the Harley and cruiser market, I was pretty hesitant. I mean, look around. There are a lot of rather large and aggressive Harley riders out there who take the brand side of things very seriously. So believe me when I say I’m putting down my experiences for all to see with an arm twisted behind my back.

For the last dozen years, I’ve been immersed in the world of dirt bikes. I was a senior manager for KTM for 10 years and during that time I was … Continue Reading

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J&P Cycles Has all Your Holiday Gifts in Store

Here we go again. The holidays. That time of year when we agonize over what to get our loved ones for Christmas and Hanukkah. As you’d expect us to tell you, J&P Cycles is a great place to shop this holiday season for that motorcycle man or woman in your life. Personally, my wish list consists of parts for my bike and maybe some more parts for my bike. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I can count on my wife to figure out exactly what I need.

That’s why we have techs on the phone lines and via web chat who can assure you get the right part for that … Continue Reading

Gratitude and Thanks is a Huge Part of the J&P Family

We all remember the story of Thanksgiving from elementary school. We were taught that the first Thanksgiving was a harvest festival for the Pilgrims — a time to be thankful and express gratitude to God, family and friends.

As more and more people work in careers outside of farming, I’m glad we still celebrate “the harvest” and continue to give thanks. Certainly as the world seems to speed up and the pace of life seems to be going ever faster it is nice to arrive at this time of year and recount all of our blessings.

Here at J&P, we have a whole lot to be thankful for.  Our large … Continue Reading

Switching From a Sport Bike to a Cruiser

What do you think of when you hear the words sport bike? I think of winding roads taken in triple digits, running out of straight road before running out of throttle, and adrenaline pumping like a fuel pump. The bikes that light up the curves have a very avid following of speed junkies, and that was me, through and through.

I loved spending all day weaving back and forth, chasing the curves, finding out just how far I could push my limits. In my late teens and early 20s, I never thought I would slow down to enjoy the scenery.

Well, after living in Florida for 2 years with nothing … Continue Reading

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Keep Your Motorcycle Clean with the Air Force Blaster

As the cold grasp of Old Man Winter gets tighter, those of us of the biker persuasion find ourselves either staring at our faithful steed sitting alone in the garage or using the down time to do something productive.

If you’ve finished up with the winterizing routine on your bike (see Preparing Your Motorcycle for Winter Hibernation), you might as well get off your duff and take the time to knock some of this summer’s leftover road grime off of the shiny parts. I know it’s hard to get started, because you’re already resigned to the fact that no matter how hard you scrub, unless you get all those … Continue Reading

Roland Sands Sets His Sights on 200 MPH

If you have a motorcycle and maybe a pulse, you’re probably familiar with the work of Roland Sands. He sets himself apart from the other bike builders by maintaining a certain quality in his builds that escapes most who seek a unique design. That quality is function. Maybe the functionality in his builds comes from his racing background. Or maybe it’s from growing up in the Performance Machine shop. Or maybe he just wants to ride them.

The latest offering from the crew at Roland Sand Designs reflects this fundamental for function, but what’s different this time is the platform they chose for the build and the goal … Continue Reading

You Can’t Purchase Chili This Good

Here at J&P Cycles, most of our employees are a testament to the phrase, “We work hard and play hard.” So it’s probably not very shocking that we like to do fun activities on a company-wide basis, which is easier said then done when you have 250 employees in two separate locations!

Last week the Iowa headquarters hosted it’s First Chili Cookoff. Each department within the company became a team unto itself, with the department manager or supervisor serving as the team captain, and each team was tasked with bringing in their winning chili for a company-wide sampling.

It was fun to see how competitive the teams became. For weeks … Continue Reading

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There Are Calendars and Then There Are J&P Calendars

Most everyone uses a calendar in some way, shape or form. Some rely solely on the tiny digits on their watch faces, which are hard to read and not very exciting. Others rely on computer calendars, which give you the date with just a few keystrokes. Again, not very exciting, but it’s state-of-the-art and just flat out works.

Then there’s the old school calendar, the ones that feature exciting graphics, lots of color and a new look every month of the year. Truth is, a lot of us are still emotionally attached to the good ol’ wall calendar, a useful and productive work of art that can hang proudly from … Continue Reading

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Grappling With A Decision Over Handlebars

As I sit here at my desk waiting for the next tech chat to pop up on my screen, I find myself tasked to write something that will grab your interest. But to tell you the truth, all I can think about is what kind of motorcycle handlebars I want to put on my new bike. It’s not like I need new bars or that mine are uncomfortable. Like most Harley riders, I just want my bike to be different from the other two-dozen Street Bobs rolling around town.

Customizing your motorcycle shouldn’t be a stressful or complicated task. The deal is to make decisions that make sense and that you’re … Continue Reading

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