What Is The Skinny on Fat Tires?

Is the fat tire craze over? I think not — but it’s definitely showing signs of slowing down. I’d be the first to admit that fat tires look cool on some bikes, but for the most part those bikes are only displayed in shows where they’re taken off the trailer and put back on after the show.

I remember back before this tire craze started that if you had a 150mm tire on your bike, it was considered fat.  Did you know there are manufacturers out there today making tires for motorcycles that measure more than 330mm? Unbelievable! My personal opinion is anything over 200mm is overkill — especially if … Continue Reading

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Hang ’em High with LA Choppers

In my travels from bike event to bike event I seem to get bombarded by the same questions over and over again. Because of their frequency, I think that means they’re good questions. And one of the questions I get a lot is from folks putting ape hangers on their bike. They want to know how long the brake and clutch cables need to be.

To tell the truth, that’s not exactly an easy question to answer and it usually entails me asking a barrage of my own questions. This leads to the customer and myself chasing down a multitude of part numbers before landing on a viable solution.

Well … Continue Reading

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Engine Compression Ratios: What They Are, How They Work

J&P Cycles® has partnered with Ironworks Magazine to provide great content from their publication for our readers. For additional, great content like this, make sure to check out Ironworks at www.iwblogger.com.

Engine Compression Ratios:  What They Are, How They Work

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear at Delkron is: “If I use these parts what will my engine’s compression be?” This seems to be one of the most misunderstood areas of building a performance engine. In this short series of articles we will discuss both types of compression ratios—Mechanical and Corrected—and how to calculate them.

First let’s understand just what compression ratio means and how

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If It’s Fall in Florida, Then It’s Time for Biketoberfest

Every year as the weather begins its subtle change to fall and the days get shorter, Daytona Beach residents pack up their beach gear and start thinking about Biketoberfest. Out come the leather riding jackets and chaps, as well as cleaning equipment for their bikes.

In fact, the whole Florida town starts getting ready for this annual event, creating new Biketoberfest banners, directional signs and stocking up store shelves with everything even faintly related to two-wheeling.

J&P Cycles is among the residents and businesses of Daytona Beach that plan ahead for this five-day event. Every year we’re prepared for literally thousands of customers and friends to waltz through our… Continue Reading

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We’re Looking for a Few Good Men and Women!

Today I am dedicating this blog to see if any of you, our readers, may be interested and qualified to join our staff. I mean, I have the greatest job in the world! I get to sit on my duff and talk about motorcycles. The absolute greatest thing about it is THEY PAY ME FOR IT! Talk about cool!

J&P Cycles is a family run motorcycle parts supplier that sells to every corner of the world. While it is family run, it has gotten big enough to have an excellent benefits package. It is a great place to work. I personally have been here over 10 years and I still … Continue Reading

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Meet The Team: Jake Herring, J&P Cycles Harley-Davidson Tech

Jake Herring’s passion for bikes began at age 13 when he worked through his summer vacation bagging groceries so he could purchase a 1963 Rigid Frame Ironhead Sportster. In a manner of speaking, Jake became addicted to this drug we call motorcycles at a tender age. From the very start he was wrenching on bikes in his garage and it was there that he realized this was indeed the professional direction he wanted to pursue.

Jake received his Harley-Davidson certification from AMI in 1999. Over the years he’s worked at numerous dealerships and aftermarket shops in many capacities including service, sales, technician and—  his favorite — fabricating. He joined J&P … Continue Reading

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Tour Master Heats Up the Fall Riding Season

Every fall as the weather starts to cool off here in the Midwest the leaves start to change my favorite spots to go and break the speed limits start to take on a whole new look. Which makes me want to go and ride them even more. But along with the colorful changing of the season comes a change in temperature that isn’t as suitable for riding as the scenery.  Especially as we get deeper into the fall and winter, the stinging cold starts to seep in through your fingers and toes and finally reaches up in your chest until you feel like you’re standing in an icebox with an … Continue Reading

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Girls Garage Workshop Oct. 9 at Our World Headquarters

It’s been a long time since a girl was considered just another pretty accessory on the back of a guy’s bike! Today, more and more ladies have moved up from the passenger seat and are riding motorcycles of their own! That’s why we’ve been hosting workshops just for women. Girls Garage is slated for 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Oct. 9, at J&P Cycles’ headquarters in Anamosa, Iowa.

This hands-on workshop teaches lady riders how to perform a pre-ride check, clean and replace an air filter as well as change fork oil. The workshop gives women an opportunity to simply enjoy spending some time with others who like to … Continue Reading

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Metric Cruisers & Sport Bikes versus Harley-Davidson – Part II

Editor’s Note: Below is the second of a two-part series on the differences in opinion between those who endorse the traditions and heritage behind a Harley-Davidson or other American-made motorcycle, and those who embrace the technological and reliability advantages of a modern metric cruiser or sport bike. Today, Scott Holton advances the advantages of HD and its made-in-America brethren.

When it Comes to HD vs. Metric, Tradition Says it All

By Scott Holton

Metric and sport versus Harley-Davidson is the most galvanizing among the many bones of contention that are found within the society of motorcyclists. I’m asked here to provide you with a counterpoint to Anthony Todd’s blog post … Continue Reading

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Metric Cruisers & Sport Bikes versus Harley-Davidson – Part I

Editor’s note: What we have here is Part 1 in a two-part series that’s intended to get perspectives from two types of riders from different generations, raised on different values. Anthony Todd writes about the new-age generation and how modern sport bikes and metric cruisers are the future of the motorcycle industry and have dominated the technology since their inception. Later today, Scott Holton will serve up arguments in support of the tradition and heritage behind Harley-Davidson and other American-manufactured motorcycles and how these values have been and will always be the foundation of American motorcycle enthusiasts today.

Reliability Trumps Retro Any Day of the Week

By Anthony Todd

Let … Continue Reading

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