Bonneville: The Great White Dyno

If speed is what you’re interested in, the Bonneville Salt Flats separates those that talk the talk from those that walk the walk. When it comes down to it, this dry salt lakebed — located in Utah adjacent to the Nevada border, in the sleepy little town of Wendover — is the destination of every gearhead worth his salt (I know, bad pun). Miles and miles of the flattest surface you can imagine — so brilliantly white, you think you’re on another planet. People have been coming here since 1912 with one goal in mind: to go as fast as they can. The land speed record was set here for … Continue Reading

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Davenport Is The Spot For Vintage Motorcycle Racing At It’s Best

The Chief Blackhawk chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America is hosting one of Iowa’s biggest antique motorcycle swap meets and vintage flat track races Sept.2-5 at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport, Iowa.

This is one of the largest events of the year for the AMCA, and it takes place smack dab in the middle of the country, making it easier for enthusiasts to attend from both coasts and everywhere in between. Highlighting the event is a motorcycle parts swap meet, a concourse full of beautifully restored motorcycles, technical classes on many different subjects, and a dirt track for bar-to-bar vintage racing.

There’s going to be vendors, a … Continue Reading

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AwesomeNess Exhibit Opens at the National Motorcycle Museum in Iowa

Words like authentic, original and iconic describe Arlen Ness — arguably the king of motorcycle customizing. Never afraid to try something new and take the next step, Ness has had great success and a string of groundbreaking designs to his credit. Curated by renowned motorcycle photographer and author Michael Lichter, the AwesomeNess exhibit made its debut at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in the summer of 2008 and now you can see this awesome, one-of-a-kind Arlen Ness exhibit at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa.

Ness may not have known it as he was customizing his own Harley Knucklehead and winning custom competitions in the 1960s, but he … Continue Reading

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Cobra Steps Up With A Double Whammy

Cobra could be the best thing you’ve never heard of but you probably should have. They have been in the industry for almost 30 years, pioneering exhaust and aftermarket parts for metric cruisers before moving into the Harley market. During this year’s Sturgis rally, Cobra was on hand with its new Tri-Oval Mufflers and Power Flow air intake — and they made a huge splash by winning the new product of the year award in Sturgis.

The Tri-Ovals offer something new stylistically, which is an achievement in itself when it comes to cruiser exhaust systems. And the 4-inch mufflers have a one-of-a-kind sound that sets them apart from your typical … Continue Reading

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Sturgis 2010 Draws to a Close With (Probably) Record Crowds

Today, Sturgis sits there like a bad hangover, the flash of chrome and rumble of bikes replaced by dusty parking lots and littered campgrounds. Another successful event is in the books, leaving me with a few thoughts about this year’s rally and a tremendous urge to get back home.

It was a record year, according to most accounts, with attendance numbers like 600,000 to 800,000 being tossed around by the folks who should know such things. Counting crowds is a nebulous business at best, with possibly the worst suggestion I ever heard requiring an accurate count of all the feet and then dividing by two. It’s like percentages. Nearly 74 … Continue Reading

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Be Careful When Traveling To and From the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – UPDATED

One of the most overlooked and important aspects of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the trip to and from the event.

Three members of the Post 141 Glenwood American Legion Riders organization were killed in a motorcycle accident on I-29 near Little Sioux, Iowa on their return home from Sturgis this week.

Dennis Chaney, Steve Benscoter and Dale Aspedon, all from Iowa, were part of a group riding home from this year’s event. Another member of their group, Jay Bock from Nebraska, was also killed in the accident. The entire J&P Cycles organization sends our heart felt thoughts and prayers to the families and friends that were left behind from … Continue Reading

You Can Transform That Cruiser Into A Shredder

There’s a new generation of Harley riders among us. Many have matured and crossed over from the world of sport bikes and motocross to American iron. However, their riding habits haven’t changed and neither has their need for speed.  The fusion of high-tech components with air-cooled v-twins is becoming more and more prevalent. We’re now seeing a new breed of Harleys with the ability to maneuver, accelerate and brake just as well as some of the best hooligan bikes out there.   

Components commonly found on sport bikes, dirt bikes, flat trackers and café racers are now being used to unleash the full potential of v-twin motorcycles. If you don’t have … Continue Reading

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Matching Cam Selection To Your Riding Habits

Today’s dissertation is about planning for a cam change. You have changed exhaust, upgraded the air cleaner/carb selection, and now its time to move to the next step.  Using the highest lift, longest duration cams, are not always your best choice. Even though in some combinations they can work very, very well, using them with components that are not designed to compliment the cam can often disappoint. Here are some important points.

  • We have to decide what RPM we want to develop the best power at.
  • When we establish that RPM, there is no free lunch. In order to perform better at high RPM, we sacrifice low end performance. Also,
Continue Reading

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Swap Meets: The Great American Parking Lot Treasure Hunt

If you’re looking to save some serious change, motorcycle swap meets are the perfect place to buy, sell or trade parts and accessories — and have a blast while you’re at it. Let’s face it, not everyone has deep pockets or can afford to throw a bunch of dough into customizing their bike. However, most of us have a goal of owning a bike that gives us optimum performance and looks as good as can be.

Over the years I’ve been able to drape my ride with the latest gear and still afford to put food on the table for my family. How, you ask? I sell my old, unwanted … Continue Reading

Thank You All for Your Prayers, Kind Words and Support

It’s been a week since John Parham successfully underwent a left lung transplant, and the J&P Cycles president continues to recuperate, growing stronger every day.

Prior to the transplant, John was using 65 to 70 percent oxygen regularly. Today he is able to function with absolutely no oxygen equipment at all. In addition, he’s able to walk and get around much better than before. The improvement is evident each day as he slowly regains his strength.

Our family is especially appreciative of the many prayers, words of encouragement and support we’ve received from friends and customers these past five months.

We would also like to thank the family of the … Continue Reading