Two More Reasons to Ride Your Bike to Sturgis

With Sturgis just around the corner, many of us (including myself) are starting to gather up gear for the annual pilgrimage to this Mecca of motorcycle rallies. For most of us, space is at a premium. Especially if you’re riding your bike to the event — which is the way God intended.

Let’s face it. There’s only so much room to cram stuff on your bike unless you  have a bagger. So packing your bike becomes a minimalist art form that finds you asking the all-important question:  “Do I really need that?” Rest easy. In today’s Two for Tuesday, I’m going to make those decisions a bit easier by giving … Continue Reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Paul Jr. Is Back!

You either love them or you hate them, but no matter your opinion, you know who they are. Over the years, American Chopper’s own Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. have brought an explosive brand of television into many of our homes. The feuding, arguing, and destruction of office doors, managed to bring custom bike building and motorcycles in general into the consciousness of folks who otherwise wouldn’t have been one bit interested.

Their split was a public affair just over a year ago and the TV show was all but left for dead, leaving fans with the question of what, exactly, would become of the Teutuls.

For those … Continue Reading

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J&P Cycles’ Attends its First Wing Ding – And We’ll be Back!

We ventured into uncharted territory last weekend when we attended our first-ever Wing Ding, which was held in Des Moines, Iowa, this year. We’re thinking this is something we probably should have done sooner. The turnout for the event was awesome — in part no doubt to the spectacular weather we had all week. Wingers from everywhere, rolling in from as far away as New Zealand, attended this year’s event!

The J&P Mobile Showroom was set up in its usual impressive fashion, but with a twist. It was loaded to the hilt with Gold Wing products. On the heels of our brand-spanking new Gold Wing catalog, we went … Continue Reading

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The J&P Cycles Service Difference: We Call It The “IT” Factor

People often ask me how J&P Cycles consistently exceeds customer expectations. It’s a good question, but a bit difficult to answer. It goes without saying that we’ve got the dedication, tools and the resources to provide world-class customer service, but so do others. We have a mission statement with our customers as our No.1 priority, but again, so do the other guys.

The answer came to me during our recent Open House. Three simple words: “We get it.” And the “it” that I’m talking about is the deep-seated understanding of our customers by everyone at J&P — from the top of the organization on down.

When J&P founder John Parham … Continue Reading

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Harley-Davidson Transmissions and Alternatives

In the past, our tech department has been asked to explain the differences between stock Harley transmissions, overdrive transmissions and final drive changes. So we’re going to get your gears spinning on this topic and discuss the history of Harley-Davidson Transmissions and the advent of aftermarket replacements.

In 1936, Mother Harley introduced one of the benchmark motorcycles of all time —the OHV 61-cubic-inch EL. This beautifully styled bike is affectionately known as the Knucklehead. What’s truly amazing about this bike is the design of the transmission, which remained in service until 1986 — an incredible half-century run with the same basic configuration.

There were, of course, different variations available in … Continue Reading

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Sportster Owners: We Haven’t Forgotten About You

The Sportster is often looked upon as the red-headed stepchild of the Harley-Davidson lineup. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a vital staple in the lineup that rolls out of Milwaukee every year. In my eyes, the Sportster is probably the most well-rounded and best-performing bike that you can find in a Harley dealership.

When you take into consideration that the 1200cc motor puts out 55-60 hp and that the bike only weighs 550-600 pounds, it’s much quicker and more nimble than its 700-800 pound big-twin siblings producing 65-70 hp. The horsepower-to-weight ratio always leans in favor of the Sportster. The innovators at Joker Machine share my love for the … Continue Reading

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Motorcycle Grip Removal and Installation

No question about it. Sooner or later the OEM rubber grips on your Harley will be totally spent and need to be replaced.  Whether you choose to go with stock replacement or aftermarket grips, the procedure to switch them out will remain the same. 

Many of you call us for assistance while in the process of switching out grips but with all the calls we get, sometimes it’s difficult to walk everyone through the process in detail from start to finish. Rather than rush you through it, I’ve put together some step-by-step instructions for you to follow while changing your grips. This procedure is intended for use on models with … Continue Reading

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National Motorcycle Museum Update

After nearly a year of planning and preparation, the National Motorcycle Museum has finally relocated from its cramped quarters in downtown Anamosa, Iowa, to a larger, well-designed facility near the edge of town. The museum opened without fanfare on Friday, June 25 — a day before J&P Cycles’ successful Open House weekend.

And while construction isn’t quite completed at the museum (where are those “Pardon our Dust!” signs?), here’s a quick overview of what you’d see if you were to visit today:

Bursting with approximately 36,000-square-feet of interior space, the museum has ample room to expand the existing exhibits and add many new ones. Among the new displays is the … Continue Reading

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Recap: 2010 J&P Cycles Open House

Something like a small city moved into Anamosa, Iowa, last weekend as we again raised the bar with the annual J&P Open House! More than 20,000 J&P customers and friends visited us Saturday and Sunday as we celebrated our 31st anniversary!

It was nonstop fun for our guests who arrived from near and far. We had customers roll down from Canada, a nice couple who drove up from Georgia, and guests from Virginia and many other distant states. So, a big “Thank you” to one and all for making our Open House such a huge success. We owe it all to you!!

This year’s entertainment provided our guests with… Continue Reading

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Meet the Team: J&P Cycles’ Iowa Showroom Folks

You can tell a lot about a business by the people they choose to hire. Here at J&P Cycles, we take this notion quite seriously, and it’s at the top of our minds when we’re hiring for any department within the company.

This is evident whenever you visit our showrooms in either Iowa or Florida. There are a dozen employees at the Iowa showroom and nine of those working in customer service. The other three are the friendly folks who greet customers when they enter the showroom or talk with them over the phone.

Here now is your opportunity to meet each member of our Iowa showroom staff:

Troy PorterContinue Reading

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