A Summer Chock Full of Cruise Nights at J&P Cycles


May 14, 2010 | By: Angi Kearney

J&P Cycles plays host to lots of events in the summer months and we’re kicking off the 2010 season on Tuesday, May 18, with our Cruise Night Series. This is our seventh annual Cruise Night event and over the years it’s turned out to be a favorite forum for both motorcycle and car enthusiasts in the Anamosa, Iowa area.

Each year, more and more two- and four-wheel enthusiasts have converged onto the sprawling J&P Cycles grounds for this event. The festivities are free of charge, which explains why you’ll see so many families attending each year. Things get underway at 5:15 p.m. and run until dusk.

Door prizes are … Continue Reading

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At J&P Cycles, Girls Just Want To Have Fun


May 13, 2010 | By: Kim Brislawn

No longer are women perceived as an accessory on the back of a motorcycle. Female riders across the nation have climbed onto the driver’s seat and have held their own with the men on excursions ranging from short runs to the desert to cross-country adventures. It’s the 21st Century and women are a big part of the motorcycle world, and J&P Cycles was among the first to recognize this fact.

About three years ago, we introduced the Girls Garage, a program where female participants can take an active role in customizing and maintaining their bikes. The Girls Garage is designed with the female rider in mind, whether she’s … Continue Reading

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GoPro Hero’s On-Board Video Cameras


May 12, 2010 | By: Patrick Garvin

They tell us that a picture is worth a thousand words, which means a video must be like reading War and Peace.  Problem is, if you don’t have a camera or video when you head off for an adventure on your motorcycle, you’re pretty much restricted to describing the trip in words. You might illustrate your tale with a few pitiful gestures, but that also pales in comparison with a video of your trip.

There have been many rides in the past when I wasn’t able to share with my family and friends the places and adventures my bike has taken me. I’m sure we’ve all been there, talking … Continue Reading

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J&P Cycles’ Annual Open House Doubles the Population of Jones County Overnight


May 10, 2010 | By: J&P Cycles

The annual J&P Cycles Open House is on for the weekend of June 26-27, and we have one word of advice for the expected 22,000 visitors — bring a camera. OK, that’s three words, but the point is, this year’s Open House includes, among other things, world-renowned motorcycle celebrities, motorcycles on a high wire, a 25-foot-long stretch cycle with seven motors, a stunt show and a pair of ride-in bike shows.

Each of those events could be considered a photo opportunity on its own, but there’s so much more. For one thing, the 2010 J&P Open House promises to double the population of Jones County — in the heart of … Continue Reading

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Meet The Team: Kenny Davis, Tech Specialist Team Lead


May 7, 2010 | By: J&P Cycles

Since 2007, Kenny Davis has been putting his motorcycle knowledge and education to good use at J&P Cycles. Kenny started with us as a technical support specialist assisting customers with their questions — in person, online and at motorcycle events. His performance, knowledge and helpful nature earned him his current role as Tech Specialist Team Lead.

Kenny has a customer-comes-first attitude and he has helped thousands of J&P shoppers and regulars troubleshoot their bikes and select the right part. Kenny is a certified technician who has owned his own shop.

Q: What compelled you to get so involved with motorcycles? 

A: I was drag racing on weekends at the local … Continue Reading

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Getting the Most from J&P Technical Support


May 5, 2010 | By: Bud Milza

Our technicians strive to provide you with accurate information about your motorcycle and to provide that information in a timely fashion. And the more familiar you are with your motorcycle and the products you’re interested in, the more efficient our technicians can be in providing the information you require. Whether you contact us via live chat, phone or email, the more details you can provide upfront, the better we can serve you.

For example, when calling, emailing or chatting with our support reps, you first need to give us the year and model motorcycle you’re working on (i.e., if you tell us you have a Softail, we need Continue Reading

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Two For Tuesday: National Cycle’s Gold Wing Windshield and Wind Deflectors


May 4, 2010 | By: Patrick Garvin

Let’s face it. When you buy a Gold Wing you’re purchasing one of the all-time great touring machines. These bikes are built for the long haul and they’re built for ultimate comfort. If you haven’t experienced one of these machines, you probably have no clue as to the number of innovations that Honda incorporates into the Gold Wing. Stereos, navigation systems, tire pressure monitoring systems and even an airbag — yes I said airbag. And even with all these technological and engineering goodies, the folks at National Cycle have come up with a few products to make the Gold Wing experience even more comfortable.

Take, for example, the Special Edition Continue Reading

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Kody’s Korner: Prepping a Painted Motorcycle Frame


May 3, 2010 | By: Kody Wisner

There are lots of little tips and tricks to building or rebuilding a motorcycle that you won’t find in any book or magazine article. You can learn these tricks of the trade through trial-and-error, hands-on experience or by working with someone who’s done it before. What I’m going to do in order to help my motorcycle-wrenching friends is write a little How-To blog entry every time I find myself doing something interesting in the shop. 

And I’m going to start things off with a blog post about what to do when you get your frame back from the paint or powder coating shop.

  1. First off, you’ll want to remove the
Continue Reading

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