Bagger Bling! Kuryakyn Strikes Again


May 25, 2010 | By: Patrick Garvin

Baggers are definitely the latest craze in the Harley-Davidson corner of the motorcycling world. Gone are the days of the 280 tires on 9-foot choppers (and good riddance if you ask me), but that’s another story. Nowadays everyone seems to have a big FL of some sort with all the amenities — stereos, GPS and endless communication devices. Not to mention tons of chrome dripping from these monsters. That sentiment alone has sparked many a debate on what motorcycling is or “should be.” But like it or not, the bagger era is in full swing and continues to gain momentum.

So just when you think you have maxed out the bling factor on your Electra Glide or Street Glide, the folks at Kuryakyn have discovered yet another way to personalize your bike with some more shine.

Kuryakyn is known for its innovation and its habit of bringing new products to the market that continue to accentuate your ride. And the two products below are no exception. The Inner Fairing Accent is an innovative new piece that utilizes an otherwise dead space on the inner fairing. It’s also a nice contrast to the black rubber of the inner fairing and fits perfectly above the instrument cluster.

And the new Deco and Patriot speaker grilles offer a way to round out a decked-out stereo system or just add some style to a place on your bagger that’s often neglected. So if you think you have all the bases covered on chroming out your touring machine, think again. These products are sure to add some flash to an otherwise dull inner fairing.

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BAling! robots head or , not it has an appeal like that of the old shiny custom cars, remember?
Ol school dont mean dull unappealing just bare bones primitive less is better mentality.
However, cruising is cruising no matter what!?
I need a cheaper than that one for my Vulcan Classic 1500 2002?
Anybody help?

nototeverybody likes baggers.:1996 ldyna low rider.

Attention Patrick Gavin,
Is the Inner Fairing Accent perpendicular(90degrees)to the ground when installed?
I’m asking due to my concern about glare or reflection back into the riders eyes. I look forward to your reply.


Patrick, Im so glad i still ride my 9ft long chopper with my 280 tire! I try and stay away from the “latest craze” and ride what i like and not what everyone else thinks is the new flavor of the month. Not sure really what my point is here other then chopper riders are still many & not everyone has to jump on the bagger wagon!!!

Too much rider-facing bling can be blinding in the sun. No thanks!

Awesome, put a metric crap-ton of chrome facing the rider up where it will blind you to the point of endless irritation. Bling fail, Kuryakayn. Though I’m sure people will buy it.

It kinda makes the dash look like a robots face or head, cool.

I have a 2008 FLHX Streetglide with factory passenger pegs. Do you have adjustable passenger pegs that will work with my setup?

Lloyd, your best bet would be to use a adjustable mount like this or this .

It kinda makes the dash look like a robots face or head, cool.

I was wondering if you handle the leather foot board trims and leather mud flaps for a 97 heritage springer??

Scott, the floorboard trims are part #’s 830-753 and 830-754 here is a link to the parts and we offer a wide variety of mud flaps you can ceck them out here

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That’s just a little too much IMHO. Someone threw up chrome.