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You’ve got questions about what motorcycle parts best fit your bike, or how one part performs over another.  Where do you turn for such information? Or maybe you’re planning a trip and looking for a great route through a state you’ve never been to. Where do you find that information? A lot of us turn to our friends or the local motorcycle shop. Or we take advantage of the online forum, a valuable source of information used on a daily basis by thousands of motorcycle riders.

Online forums and message boards have been around for years, and J&P Cycles boasts one of the oldest motorcycle-related forums on the Web. One … Continue Reading

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Rally Report: 2010 Laughlin River Run

If you didn’t make it to the Laughlin River Run 2010 this past week, you missed out on a good time — oh, and by the way — the weather was spectacular!

After five days in Laughlin, it became apparent to us that a lot of motorcycle riders don’t have a clue that there’s a recession in this country. Nearly every motorcycle vendor we spoke to claimed sales were up over last year, and some of them said the 2010 edition of River Run was their best ever. There were fewer vendors at this year’s event, but the ones who showed up said they were very happy with the way … Continue Reading

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Happy Earth Day from J&P Cycles

Happy Earth Day! While you may not think retailers like J&P Cycles have the ability to be “green,” we’ve recycled more than 125 tons of paper and other items over the last year alone, causing a local recycling company to label us “Mother Nature Approved”.

Just one ton of recycled paper saves 2,147 trees, 884,170 gallons of water, 58,482 gallons of oil, provides power to 63 homes for one year, and saves 387 cubic yards of landfill space. WOW – that’s a lot!

Internally, we ask all employees to limit printing paper. Thanks to technology, most of us rely on e-mail and hand-held mobile devices, where we have most of … Continue Reading

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On The Road Again: Laughlin River Run

Our road crew is at it again. This time they’re off to beautiful Laughlin, Nevada, for the 28th Annual Laughlin River Run along the Colorado River, April 21-25.

River Run attracts motorcycle riders from across the country for a five-day motorcycle rally unlike any other. There is a lot of everything at the Run, including the top names in bike building, the top aftermarket parts and accessory vendors, a custom bike show, an Early Bird Poker Run with $1,500 in prizes, the annual Ms. Laughlin River Run Contest, and lots more. Plus, we’ll be there! Make sure to stop by the J&P Cycles Semi — located at the Edgewater … Continue Reading

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Kuryakyn Takes the Guess Work out of Performance with the Perfect Storm

Kuryakyn Perfect Storm KitsWithin the first few months of owning a bike, most riders start thinking about a new air cleaner, aftermarket pipes, and even a fuel injection controller. If that sounds familiar, you may be left wondering which combination of the three will work best. With all the different manufactures boasting about what their particular unit will do, it can be overwhelming to sort though all the noise and get to some real world data on what actually works. Enter Kuryakyn and the Perform Storm.

Lucky for all of us, Kuryakyn has done all the heavy lifting for, putting together a combination of kits with actual research and development time behind them … Continue Reading

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Upgrade Your Bike: Part 3 – Other Performance Options

In Part I of this series, I told you everything you need to know about the basics of upgrading your motorcycle’s exhaust system.  In Part 2, we talked about how to select your camshaft, based on your performance needs. In this final post on upgrading your ride, I’ll walk you through other options to increase performance and complement your riding style.

Without going into extreme racing terms like superchargers, turbo charger, and nitrous, I’m going to tell you some options to consider when purchasing or upgrading your bike.

Hot Big Bore/Stroker Kits- The well-known adage, “no replacement for displacement,” comes to mind when people are considering the option of … Continue Reading

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Fuel Injection Part I – the Great Mystery

Gone are the days of “jetting” your carb, or throwing on a “G” or an “E” or any other aftermarket carb claiming to be the holy grail of tuning. Today, it’s all about throttle bodies, injectors, ECU’s and fuel pumps. And with these new winds of change come a storm of misinformation and confusion about FI controllers and which ones do what and do I really need one at all? In fact, let’s cover that question first.

Do I need a FI controller?

Without getting into a long, semantic debate on “need,” I’ll say this: Your bike from the factory is set up with an air-fuel ratio (AFR is the … Continue Reading

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The ‘Heads Up’ on Purchasing a New Motorcycle Helmet

Buying a motorcycle helmet is such a personal decision, and that’s mostly because there are so many factors toconsider before making a commitment. Just google the words “motorcycle helmets” and you’ll be presented with more than two million search results. That’s pretty overwhelming — so many shapes and sizes, so many styles, so many colors, [...]

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Two for Tuesday: Daytona Twin Tec Makes Those Performance Mods Worthwhile

With the inherent lean condition of bikes rolling out of the factory, combined with the propensity for us bikers to immediately add an aftermarket exhaust or air cleaner — most likely both — it becomes imperative to pick the correct fuel-injection controller for your particular bike set up. This in itself can be challenging, but the genius lurking down in Florida known as Daytona Twin Tec provides two solutions sure to fit into your tuning needs, no matter what end of the performance spectrum you come from.

The first is very possibly the best feature-for-dollar-value Twin Tuner 2 fuel-injection controller on the market today. The offers myriad functions — all … Continue Reading

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