What to Look for When Buying a Used Motorcycle: Part 1

While the riding season is nearly upon us, wheeling and dealing for used motorcycles is never out of season. When shopping for a used motorcycle, general appearance and how many bells and whistles come with the bike are usually what catch your eye. Looking good is definitely a benefit, but if the bike you buy doesn’t run, or doesn’t run well beyond the simple paces you put it through, it won’t do you much good.

Having been a line mechanic for a Harley-Davidson dealership, one of my roles was to assess the condition and value of all the bikes that were being traded in. In today’s post, Part 1 of … Continue Reading

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J&P Tech Tip: Suspension and Bike Fitment

Editor’s note: As of late, we’ve noticed that rider and bike fitment are hot topics, especially within the big V-Twin segment of the motorcycle marketplace. While fitment isn’t necessarily a new concept, it is one that deserves a fair amount of coverage, and who better to address it than someone from Progressive Suspension, a company that is entirely dedicated to creating innovative and high performance suspension products that directly enhance rider and bike fitment. With those thoughts in mind, please help us in welcoming Progressive Suspension’s David Zemla, who with today’s post will be a regular contributor here on the J&P blog.

Get in a typical car and … Continue Reading

Two for Tuesday: Avon Grips

It almost goes without saying that in the world of motorcycling, style and comfort do not share the same address. As a result, some of the parts on your bike (i.e., those that you have the most contact with: the grips) fall prey to style vs. comfort decisions. Sometime later, those grips you picked out — you know, the ones that looked so bad-ass on ol’ what’s his name’s bike in the parking lot of your local watering hole —have you second guessing your decision, especially after a few miles down the road when the numbness in your hand sets in or a blister pops up. Never fear … Continue Reading

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Meet the Team: J&P Cycles Sr. Contact Center Supervisor, Anthony Todd

For the past four years, Anthony Todd has dedicated his time and energy towards the continued satisfaction of J&P’s customers. Anthony started here at J&P as a tech support specialist in 2006, where he handled technical support phone calls and emails from Harley and Metric customers alike. Now, he’s the Sr. Contact Center Supervisor in our Ormond Beach, Florida, headquarters.

We often refer to Anthony as the “human hat rack,” due to his ability to handle multiple projects. Anthony reviews catalog and web content for accuracy, takes on showroom duties when called upon, and trains our technicians on best practices and troubleshooting, If you have contacted us over by phone … Continue Reading

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Bike Week 2010 — J&P Dispatch No. II

Our team isn’t the only one busting its butt to make this year’s Bike Week memorable for all.  As you can see from the video including in today’s post, there are several industry-leading vendors here, most of whom are showing off the hottest new products for 2010.

Listen to what vendors from Custom Chrome, Cobra, Memphis Shades, Medallion, Mustang, Cory Ness, Bikers Choice, Air Hawk, etc… have to say about their products and Bike Week 2010.

Continue Reading

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Bike Week 2010 — J&P Dispatch No. I

Wow, what a crazy first few days! My role this year is making sure people who visit J&P’s Ormond Beach Superstore — officially called the Destination Daytona Superstore — find what they need and can quickly make their way through checkout. I haven’t reached Wal-Mart greeter status yet but already I’ve met a lot of incredible people from all walks of life.

If there’s one thing everyone visiting our Bike Week location has in common, it’s a tremendous passion for motorcycles. As a result, I’ve been able to steal time away from my assigned duties (shh, don’t tell Zach) long enough to talk with several shoppers. Here’s what … Continue Reading

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Make a Splash with Medallion Gauges

I want to talk you for a moment about a category of products that are often overlooked when it comes to customizing your ride:  Gauges. In today’s bagger market, where you can customize nearly every conceivable part of a touring bike, why is it that most of us choose to stick with our stock  gauges? As one of the most viewed items on a bike (from the driver’s perspective), you’d think  gauges would receive more attention than they do, but for whatever reason, they are constantly overlooked.

Enter Medallion Instrumentation, a company that’s new to the motorcycle biz but has a long history in the instrumentation category.  —Medallion Continue Reading

Tech Tip: Motorcycle Windshield Installation

While it may not be one of the coolest accessories for your bike, a motorcycle windshield is something each and every one of us who owns a bike has — at one time or another — considered. Whether it be a long day traveling in rain, riding through a never ending swarm of bugs, or a wind storm that blows dirt and sand just as fast as you’re traveling on your bike, a stylish and well functioning windshield certainly has its place.

If you haven’t made the leap or are considering adding a windshield to your bike, here are several things to consider:

Height: The standard answer you will get … Continue Reading

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