Lights, Cameras, Action: Video Spotlights from V-Twin Expo

While cruising the isles of V-Twin Expo this past weekend in Cincinnati, our staff shot guerilla-style video of some of J&P Cycles’ vendors talking about their new parts:

Here’s Christine LePera talking about the LePera Villain seat:

Ben Kudon explains the new Metal Matrix Extreme braking system (very cool technology here). These will be available any day now from

Finally, here’s Steve “Ass Pad Tycoon” Peyton from AIRHAWK talking about new stuff coming down the pike from AIRHAWK.

For more vendor videos from the shows and expos we attend, visit the J&P Cycles Fan Page on Facebook.… Continue Reading

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New Products on Display at the 2010 V-Twin Expo

Several of our staff attended V-Twin Expo over the weekend, and what they saw deserves to be shared with a wider audience than just the lucky few who could attend the show.  V-Twin Expo, by the way, which is put on by Easyriders, is always a great opportunity for J&P staff to see new motorcycle products and talk to manufacturers about their plans for the upcoming year.

Here is a quick sneak peek at a few of the great new products and display bikes our staff saw at the show:

A new 2” belt drive from Rivera Primo for 2007-2010 Touring bikes that requires no modification, bolt right on … Continue Reading

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Two for Tuesday: Get Geared up for Spring with Sick Boy

Most of us across the country, with the exception of a few lucky states, are still freezing our rear ends off. Spring being just around the corner, and with it a new riding season, now’s a great time to consider what you’ll be wearing when it’s time to layer up on your motorcycle clothing. That’s where the Sick Boy Motorcycles come into the picture, offering up all kinds of options from sweatshirts, t-shirts, and gloves, to hats and bandanas and more for both men and women. According to Sick Boy, if they don’t make it, you don’t need it.

Sick Boy’s Motorcycle Factory Thermal is a great … Continue Reading

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Meet the Team: J&P Cycles Technical Expert, Scott Holton

For almost a decade, Scott Holton has leveraged his knowledge and hands-on technical experience to support J&P Cycles’ customers. To say Scott embodies the spirit and enthusiasm exemplified by John Parham, founder and president of J&P Cycles — who believes customer service and technical support are the most important differentiators for J&P in the motorcycle parts and accessories marketplace — would be an understatement.

If you’ve ever contacted J&P technical support through chat, phone, or e-mail, there’s a good chance Scott has been the one to answer your question. Whether you have a vintage Panhead or a 2010 Fatboy, Scott’s knowledge of Harley-Davidson motorcycles is sure to impress, as is … Continue Reading

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On The Road Again: Chicago & Minneapolis

Our road crew is at it again, pulling double duty this weekend in snowy Chicago and Minneapolis. So get your shovel, dig yourself out, and point yourself in the direction of one of these great shows:

The 26th Annual Chicago Motorcycle Show and Parts Expo is an absolutely massive motorcycle swap meet. Part bike show, tattoo show, and bikini contest, this event attracts lots of celebs, including Dave Cook (the 2009 AMD World Champion Bike Builder), and Steve “Mongo” McMichael (the former Chicago Bears Pro Bowl defensive tackle). J&P Cycles will be there too, and it all happens this Saturday, Feb. 6, from 11am-7pm at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.… Continue Reading

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Two For Tuesday: Breathe Deep with Arlen Ness Big Sucker Kits

Correct me if I’m wrong, but everyone wants more horsepower, right? From the hot-rodder trying to stay on top of his game, to the touring rider who just wants to make a pass on the highway with a trailer in tow, more horsepower means a more enjoyable motorcycling experience. And as everyone knows, the more air you can move in and out of your motor, the more fuel you can add, which results in generating more… you guessed it — horsepower!

In my opinion, an Arlen Ness Big Sucker Kit is quite possibly the best and simplest horsepower modification kit for your bike. Team Ness Big Sucker kits really live … Continue Reading

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J&P Cycles Express Bonneville Streamliner

When John Parham purchased a motorcycle Streamliner in 2006 the goal was simple, break the land speed record in the 1350 CC engine class. What is a Streamliner? It’s a vehicle designed for all out acceleration in a straight line. In our Streamliner, we chose a 79 Cubic inch Sportster engine for motivation. Of course to get our bike up to speed it would require some TLC from the J&P technical support staff. Fortunately for me, I was chosen as part of the crew to make it happen. Here are some excerpts from the journal I had kept to document my experiences.

The only place big enough to run one … Continue Reading

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