Kody Wisner’s Video Tour of S&S Cycle : Part I


February 15, 2010 | By: J&P Cycles

S&S Cycle is one company that can be proud to say “Made in the USA.”  Located in the beautiful hills of southwest Wisconsin, S&S manufactures some of the world’s finest parts for American V-Twin motorcycles. Located just outside of Viola, in the middle of nowhere, S&S boasts one of the most impressive manufacturing facilities you will ever see. Our own Kody Wisner was recently granted a special tour of S&S’s manufacturing and R&D facilities. Here’s what Kody had to say about the experience, along with Part I of a two-part video of everything Kody got to see and experience:

When I was driving up the small lane to S&S, I couldn’t believe the size of the place. As you come up the hill and look to the left, hidden in a valley between hillsides of beautiful trees, is one of the most modern factories I have ever seen.

I was were greeted at the door by S&S Cycle president George B. Smith, who I have to say was pretty darn impressive. George had a very busy schedule that day, so he handed me off to Scott Sjovall, S&S’s VP of Product Development, who give me a personally guided tour of the factory and other areas of S&S’s operation.

Here is Part I of a two-part video of Kody’s guided tour:

Stay tuned for Part II of Kody’s tour, coming soon.

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[…] the second installment of our exclusive tour of S&S Cycle’s manufacturing facilities, J&P Cycles’ own Kody Wisner shares never before seen footage from S&S’s development […]

kevin, what Kody says is true. I have put a 96″ S&S motor in my FLHS 8 years ago with a super G, and it dyno”d @ 94 HP at 105 ft lbs of torgue. I had screaming eagle mufflers with no baffles. I put on drag pipes and redid dyno, and I lost 8 HP, then put a bolt in it and regained some ponies, but not all! ya need some backpressure. The only problem I have had in 8 years and 40,000 miles is it blew 2 head gaskets in rear cylinder in 3 months. A friend who worked at Fort lauderdale harley said I was getting too much crankcase pressure. He put a second vent ( S&S has put a drilled and tapped hole in case) in, which he just took out plug, screwed in a nipple, ran a hose down to the gound, and I never had a problem since, and I beat that girl like a red headed step-child. motor runs like stock until you open her up, and she screams! S&S ROCKS!

I really enjoyed the tour of the S&S factory I like knowing about the manufacturing of motorcycle parts. Hope to see the final product running in part 2. Keep up the good work informing us!

Thanks for the tour Kody. I’m looking forward to part 2.

S&S provided nice tours of their facilities during their 50th anniversary celebration a couple of years ago. J&P had their open house the same weekend so it made for a nice “two-fer.”

I hope J&P Cycles will continue to do more things like this in the future.

very good cann’t wait for part two

Nice tour. Hurry up with part 2. Thanks.

Kevin, I have heard of it, and it can make a difference, but only if you are running straight pipes with no baffles.
Mean Mothers come with a baffle in them that works very well, probably alot nicer than installing a 1/4 “splitter” in the end of the pipe. What alot of guys do is run a bolt through the pipe top to bottom, but Samson also a performance ring that should work with your pipe, click this link, http://bit.ly/aNNzDd , check them out. In my opinion, if you’re running the stock baffle right now, stick with it. If you’re running straight pipes, try it out, it won’t hurt anything.

Great video, Kody comes thru loud and clear but had a hard time hearing what the other guy’s were sayng.
Looking forward to part 2

was a good vidio i loved it. cant wait for # 2

very cool

I recently read an article about putting a 1/4″ splitter in the ehhaust pipe of my scooter and I am wondering if you have heard of this and if it is worth getting some mid range torque from my 117 cu. in. Big Dog. I am curently running a super G carb with a set of Supertrapp Mean Mothers. I really don’t need the extra torque but hey I am a speed freek! Anything that you could provide would be appreciated.

OMG, that was better than porn. I cannot wait for part 2 and I hope you guys continue to feature facilities like this. Thanks!

American Made and by people who use what they make. This means quality. Looking forward to part 2