Kicking Off Bike Week 2010, J&P Style

It’s official! Bike Week has begun and if you aren’t here; you are missing out!

Highlights include:

  • A boatload of entertainers and performers.
  • Great food and lots of cold drinks.
  • Some of the coolest people on the planet.
  • Acres and acres of motorcycle parts and accessories from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers and venders (see complete list below.)

Bike Week has so much to offer that it’s nearly impossible to sum it all up in one blog entry.  That’s why our team will be blogging about Bike Week through the next week or so, giving everyone who can’t make it to Daytona a bird’s eye view of all the … Continue Reading

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Part II of Kody Wisner’s Video Tour of S&S Cycle

In the second installment of our exclusive tour of S&S Cycle’s manufacturing facilities, J&P Cycles’ own Kody Wisner shares never before seen footage from S&S’s development areas. While S&S has a strict policy of no cameras allowed in many of their facilities, they allowed Kody in because they recognize that J&P Cycles’ customers want the inside scoop. 

As you’ll see below, Kody started in the development cell, where S&S tests nearly every component they make, and then moved into the area where the Rapid Prototype machine is kept (if you don’t know what that is, Google Rapid Prototype machine, because you’ll be amazed). S&S is one of only a … Continue Reading

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Save the Date: J&P Cycles’ 2010 Open House

Every June, a roar can be heard echoing from the cornfields here in eastern Iowa as motorcycle riders from across the country travel to J&P Cycles for our Annual Open House. Last year’s 30th anniversary event drew more than 22,000 people to our Anamosa, Iowa headquarters.

As you might have guessed, Anamosa is a small community, so the population of our town more than tripled during our last Open House (the first ‘weekend extravaganza’ but certainly not the last)!

J&P owners John and Jill Parham started the Open House years ago as a way to thank loyal customers for their support throughout the year. Now, we have the honor … Continue Reading

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Two for the Road from T-Bags

With riding season just around the corner and the thoughts of cross country trips rattling around in our heads, we tend to take the small jaunts to and from work or the normal weekend runs around our favorite back roads for granted. When you’re planning for a big ride, you’re always conscious of gear and luggage, but how many times have you been out on a Saturday ride and just needed an extra pocket or two? And lets face it… when your profiling around your hood, you don’t need a giant eyesore of a bag… you just need a slick spot to store your phone, MP3 player, GPS or … Continue Reading

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J&P Cycles at Daytona Bike Week 2010

While it’s cold here at our headquarters in Anamosa, Iowa, the temperature is much warmer toward the south at our Destination Daytona Superstore. Point being…as Bike Week 2010 approaches, things are only going to get hotter!

Whether this is your 10th Bike Week or your first, you’ve may be wondering what exactly you can do while you’re in Daytona – besides ride, of course! Our Destination Daytona Superstore and the surrounding Destination Daytona complex will be hopping, and it’s a destination you won’t want to miss. From seeing some of the hottest bikes in the area to motorcycle-related shopping and entertainment galore, Destination Daytona has it all!

J&P … Continue Reading

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Video Highlights from Dealer Expo

We were back at it again last weekend, patrolling the isles of another motorcycle industry-only trade show with camera in hand to bring you the freshest product available on the market today. From Dealernews International’s Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana:

Here, Progressive Suspension’s Pat Lovero talks about the new 465 Series for sport bikes, which will be available soon at

In the following clip, John Potts shows off the Vance and Hines XR1200 race bike, complete with Widow exhaust (which is also available in black).

Next up: Memphis Shades’ own Johny Murphry demonstrates the new Bullet Windshield.

For more vendor videos and new product releases, … Continue Reading

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What We Saw at Indianapolis Dealer Expo

While the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati focused almost exclusively on the H-D market, the following weekend’s tradeshow in Indianapolis (Dealer Expo) featured a broad range of motorcycles and products leaning towards the metric world. Below are examples of some of new items on display at this year’s Dealer Expo that J&P Cycles will be carrying in the months to come.

Performance Machine had its new “Element” wheels (left below) on display during Dealer Expo, along with an unbelievable Yamaha Raider with a “yet to be released” Vance and Hines Competition Series exhaust. Without a doubt, this bike (right below) was a crowd favorite.

Cobra had a new blacked … Continue Reading

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Ask a J&P Tech: How to Measure Motorcycle Cable and Brake Lines

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive [through the J&P Cycles Chat Service] are about extended control lines for oversized handlebars. For example, “I would like to put a set of 20” Wild-1 Psycho Chubby Apes on my bike. What length cables and brake line do I need to order?

If there were a scientific formula to calculate the proper cable and brake line lengths for every possible combination of bars and risers, on every single model of bike, it would make ordering a bit easier. Unfortunately there isn’t, so we always recommend to customers that they mount the bars first, then take an accurate … Continue Reading

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Two for Tuesday: Bell Drifter and Custom 500

Helmets are a sticky subject with the motorcycle crowd but like them or not, they can keep you from splitting your wig, So I think you should choose one that looks good and, more importantly, performs well. It doesn’t matter if you live in a state with a helmet law or just simply choose to wear one, Bell Helmets has a broad enough product line to fit your style. And with a tradition of technology and artistry dating back to the 1950s, you can count on Bell’s helmets to perform as well as they look. While Bell has an extensive helmet line, all of which are available at, … Continue Reading

Kody Wisner’s Video Tour of S&S Cycle : Part I

S&S Cycle is one company that can be proud to say “Made in the USA.”  Located in the beautiful hills of southwest Wisconsin, S&S manufactures some of the world’s finest parts for American V-Twin motorcycles. Located just outside of Viola, in the middle of nowhere, S&S boasts one of the most impressive manufacturing facilities you will ever see. Our own Kody Wisner was recently granted a special tour of S&S’s manufacturing and R&D facilities. Here’s what Kody had to say about the experience, along with Part I of a two-part video of everything Kody got to see and experience:

When I was driving up the small lane to S&S, I

Continue Reading

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