Who Needs $1,000 in Free Motorcycle Parts?

Question: What makes motorcycle parts and accessories even better?

Answer: When they’re FREE!

J&P Cycles has teamed up with Maverick — publisher of American Cycle and American Bagger — to offer over $3,000 in gift certificates good toward the purchase of any product from J&P Cycles.  Imagine what you could do with a $1,000,$500, or $250 gift certificate and access to the entire J&P Cycles motorcycle gear inventory at your finger tips.

With $1,000 you could pick up some new motorcycle tires from Dunlop or Avon, splurge on those Vance & Hines exhaust pipes you’ve been eyeing, or choose nearly any product from our huge selection of motorcycle partsContinue Reading

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Top Tweets for the week of January 11th, 2010

With winter in full swing and cabin fever beginning to set in, most of the biker community has started or is in the middle of their off-season builds. As bike projects go, it doesn’t get much more creative than Roland Sands. Roland is not only a favorite here at J&P Cycles but a regular at our annual Open House . This brings me to one of the more interesting tweets last week.

In New Blood Episode 4, you get a behind the scenes look at a very unique motorcycle build.  Roland Sands builds a bike around a MotoGP motor using the highest levels of racing technology.

@JPCyclesDeals offered up … Continue Reading

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Motorcycle Exhaust Terms Explained

Motorcycle Exhaust TermsHere at J&P Cycles, our Sales & Service and Technical Support teams have thousands of conversations each year with riders regarding motorcycle exhaust systems. Recently, I was asked the question, “What terms do I need to know as I begin researching aftermarket exhausts for my new Harley?

Having installed, maintained, and advised customers for years on motorcycle exhaust systems, I now realize how easy it is to take my knowledge for granted. Having good general knowledge of your motorcycle’s exhaust system will help you discuss, troubleshoot, or purchase a new exhaust system for your bike. Here is a basic list of motorcycle exhaust terms I … Continue Reading

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Girls Garage Workshops Offer One for the Ladies

Motorcycle Training For Women RidersThere’s a myth that women don’t like working on motorcycles or getting dirty. Well, that’s not the case with every woman! According to WomenRidersNow.com and the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), more women are riding motorcycles than ever before. Through the first three quarters of 2008 (that’s the last time these figures were made available), the percentage of female riders had increased by nearly 30 percent compared to the same period of time in 2003.

Always one to stay ahead of the curve, a bunch of J&P staffers got together in 2005 and offered the first free Girls Garage Workshop at our headquarters in Anamosa, Iowa. Then, last fall, we brought … Continue Reading

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Two for Tuesday – Stopping Power: Performance Machine Calipers and Goodridge Brake Lines

Often, we bikers get so wrapped up in adding air intakes, cams, big bore kits or any other number of chrome covers, that we tend to overlook possibly the most important set of components on our bike — the brakes.  Since brakes are often the last line of defense against motorists, wild animals, or just an over active throttle hand, its only natural that you should want to arm yourself with a state-of –the-art brake set up (something that performs at or above your expectations and has the looks to match). With that in mind, were taking some time today to about Performance Machine’s Brakes and Goodridge lines.

PM Chrome CaliperPM Black Caliper

When it … Continue Reading

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J&P Tech Tip: How to Install a Fast Hook Helmet Buckle

Does it annoy you as much as it does me to fumble around while trying to get your motorcycle helmet straps undone? Motorcycle helmet manufacturers realize this as well and have recently started to equip helmets with quick release systems right out of the box. But if you’re like me, you already own a helmet or two that you love and you don’t really want to spend big money right now to upgrade. If this sounds familiar, check out Fast Hook for Helmets.

Fast Hook attaches to your current helmet quickly, requires no sewing, is made from 100% polycarbonate (so it’s hot and cold weather resistant), and has a … Continue Reading

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Top Tweets for the week of January 4, 2010

Only a few days into 2010 and I’m already starting to wonder how many resolutions have been broken by the people I know, let alone worldwide? Despite what other people might be doing, here at J&P Cycles, we’re holding firm on our resolution to recap the top shares and tweets from our social media outlets on a weekly basis. Below, you’ll find selected tweets from our two Twitter account (@JPCycles and @JPCyclesDeals), as well as something we recently posted to our Facebook Fan Page :

From the primary @JPCycles feed, the most buzz-worthy tweet from the week that was a tweet about a new motorcycle TV show called … Continue Reading

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How to Customize a Yamaha RoadStar Motorcycle

How To Customize Your StarWe often hear from Yamaha RoadStar or other metric cruiser owners who would like to customize their bikes but aren’t quite sure where to start. With this in mind, J&P Cycles has teamed up with how-to author Doug Mitchel and our own Kody Wisner (J&P’s in-house bike builder) to create an awesome new book and instructional DVD detailing the many options available to customize your RoadStar or metric cruiser.

Published by Wolfgang Publications, How to Customize Your Star is a must read for anyone thinking about customizing their Yamaha RoadStar or metric cruiser. From lowering the front and rear suspension and changing fenders and wheels, to internally wiring ape hangers … Continue Reading

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J&P Cycles is Now Hiring

J&P Cycles Anamosa, IaEver wonder what it’d be like to work for the world’s largest aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories cataloger and online retailer? Well, if you take pride in your work, embrace change, believe challenges are opportunities, and have a passion for motorcycles, then now would be the time to find out. While many companies are cutting back and spending less, J&P Cycles is now hiring for the following positions:

  • Motorcycle Sales Technician… responsible for explaining technical aspects of motorcycles repairs and customization through addition of parts and accessories to customers via phone or in person, as well as for providing technical guidance and support to our own Customer Service staff
Continue Reading

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Two for Tuesday – Make Some Noise with Pro Pad Mini Beast Air Horns and J&M Speaker Upgrades

Pro Pad Mini Beast Air HornWe’ve all been there, cruising along blissfully when a Buick the size of an aircraft carrier starts drifting into your lane un-announced or a little compact car whose driver is chatting away on a cell phone starts to turn across traffic in front of you without so much as signaling their intention. Short of evasive maneuvers and creative gestures, you can be left feeling kind of helpless. Enter the Pro Pad Mini Beast Air Horn — the little dynamo that delivers a 128-decibel blast sure to awaken the most oblivious of motorist. The Pro Pad Mini Beast Air Horn is available in five different designs and three different finishes which … Continue Reading

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